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enzymes used in textile industry

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enzymes used in textile industry

Fabric Desizing Enzymes Used In Textile Industry , Alpha Amylase Enzyme Powder

  • Fabric Desizing Enzymes Used In Textile Industry , Alpha Amylase Enzyme Powder
Product Details:

Mid - Temperature Alpha - Amylase, Textile Enzymes for Fabric Desizing



It is obtained from Bacillus Subtilis.

It is widely used in manufacture of starch sugar and alcohol, brewery, textile, dye & printing, papermaking, feed industry etc.


Working Mechanism:

The enzyme hydrolyzes the α-1,4-glucosidic linkages of gelatinized starch randomly to soluble dextrins, reducing the high viscosity of the starch slurry.



1. Temperature: Effective Temperature Range : 35-90 ℃, Optimal 60-70 ℃,

2. pH: Effective Range 4.5-8.0, Optimal 5.2-6.2 .

3. Effect of Metal Ion on Enzyme activity : Ca 2+ can improve the stability of the enzyme , Enzyme activity will completely lost without Ca 2+ , Mn2+ and Mg2+ also have the obvious improvement on activity besides Ca 2+ .



1. Solid type: 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000u/g


2. Unit definition :

The amount of enzyme needed to hydrolyze 1mg of starch in one hour at pH 6.0, 60 ℃ .


3. Standard : QB1805.1-93.



In textile desizing, add the enzyme in the rate of 0.2%(o.w.f) base on 2000 u/ml (u/g) , keep at 50-80 ℃ for 20-40 minutes.


Package and Storage:

This product is organic biochemical substance, high temperature, strong acid & strong alkaline will cause inactivation of enzyme.

So, avoid exposure to sunlight when being transported. Solid enzyme should avoid direct sunlight and rain.

It should be kept in clean, cool and dry place, or you need to increase its dosage.


Technical Service:

Information covering specific application of this product is available.

Our company will work with customers to enhance processes and solve problems. Let us know what you need and we will assist you.


Our Main Products:

we are the supplier and manufacturer:

1. textile enzymes: amylase; neutral cellulase enzyme; acid cellulase enzyme; catalase etc.

2. textile auxi: ABS; disperse agent; detergent; softeners; resin; fastness improver

3. textile specialties: anti pilling agent; APEO remover; organic acid; anti ozone silicone oil; Spandex protector and so on.




Eco Friendly Desizing Enzymes Used In Textile Industry Slight Fermentation Odor

  • Eco Friendly Desizing Enzymes Used In Textile Industry Slight Fermentation Odor
Product Details:

Brief Introduction:

It can be applied to randomly hydrolyze glycosidic bond and rapidly amylolysis starch into dextrin and oligosaccharide.



1. high-concentrated &flexible formulated & non-toxic

2. no damage to fiber & less dosage
3. stable appearance and quality
4. reduce the usage of chemicals to relieve the pressure of waste water treatment
5. eco-friendly and green
6. suitable for all kinds of starch paste

7. easily remove by washing


Amylase X
“B” Liquid 100-X

NOTES:“B” liquid contents 10% salt, 10% sorbitol (70%) and 0.3% sodium benzoate or other bactericide.


Steps of dilution:

Step 1. Prepare the “B” liquid

Step 2. Adjust the pH value to 6.0-6.6 by sodium hydroxide OR acetic acid

Step 3. Add appropriate amount of amylase

Step 4. Add deionized/distilled water to 100%



store in closed container below 25℃

It will maintain its activity for one year

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